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Cold Shot

Singing Steve Johnson

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I started playing trumpet at 8 years old eventually advancing to the high school band. At that time my dad had a country western band and needed a bass player so I learned to play the bass fiddle (while standing on a wash tub at local dance halls). I had a real love for music so my dad taught me a few chords on the guitar. I am basically self-taught. I always just figured out how to play. I have been in many bands from rock to country playing music ranging from Jimi Hendrix to Hank Williams to Christian. My nickname in school was "Chet" because I did a lot of Chet Atkins tunes.

Musical influences include Jimi Hendrix, Chet Atkins, Roy Clark, Albert Lee, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Carl Perkins, James Burton, to name a few. I love the simplicity of all the old tunes and love being a part of The Rusty Rockers.

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