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Started piano lessons at 8, played trumpet in elementary band at 12. At 14 took guitar lessons for a short time then changed to bass guitar. Picked up baritone, string bass, valve trombone, some drums, and sousaphone in jr. high and high school. Played a couple shows at a black nightclub at 14. Had my own rock and roll band at 15, the Renditions of Morro Bay for a few years. Played with several put-together groups as time went along. A couple of years with the LTC orchestra of San Luis Obispo, a few years with "Fire and Ice" and 12 or 13 years with Monte Mills in The Lucky Horseshoe Band of San Luis Obispo. Sold my equipment and took a 20 year

Brown Eyed Girl

Singing Steve Johnson

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hiatus then I came across Steve and Terry who wanted to play my kind of music. And here I am.

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